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The Science and Mathematics Club started out when the PSHS-Bicol Region Campus, then known as the PSHS-Camarines Sur campus, was in its second year of operations. The club was formed on July 1, 1999, along with the Arts and Culture Appreciation Society (ACAS). Its initial members were the scholars of Classes 2002 and 2003.

The first president of the SMC was Christian M. Alis (PSHS 2002), and Ms Fely Botiño (now Mrs Buera) was its first adviser. Due to the lack of time and venues, there were limited activities for the club. There were also no other specific interest clubs except for the SMC and ACAS.

By the school year 2000-2001, the PSHS-BRC moved to the Partido State University, and along with this, many of the major SMC activities were initiated. The following year, the SMC’s activities increased as more students entered the school. With the opening of SY 2002-2003, the club has become more active as specialized interest clubs (e.g. Environmental Science Club, ASTROSOC-Bicol) became a reality.





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