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philippine science high school-bicol region campus

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The Science and Mathematics Club, popularly known as the SMC or SciMath, is the main science-oriented organization of the Philippine Science High School Bicol region Campus, serving as the central supervising club for science and math interest organizations. A central council heads the SMC, which operate under the Science and Math Units of the Curriculum and Instruction Serviced Division (CISD). A club adviser supervises the club.

As of school year 2002-2003, there are a total of 264 members, accounting for about 100% of the PSHS-BRC student population

Past Achievements
Hosting of various science oriented activities
Science Camps for 2000 and 2001
Symposia and workshops on science topics and issues (e.g. open-source technology, practical science, etc)
Science quizzes and contests
Development of the PSHS-BRC website (, in cooperation with the PSHS-BRC Supreme Student Government (SSG)
Implementation of school wide projects


accomplishment report 2001-2002 summary

accomplishment report


  • various contests and quizzes

  • science camp 2001

  • pshs-brc website (in cooperation with the SSG)


sy 2001-2002
full report

smc's aims for school year 2002-2003


for the school year 2002-03, the scimath club of the philippine science high school - bicol region campus aims to:

  • continue the work started by preceding scimath club administrations

  • entice all scholars to join in science-related activities by having interesting activities

  • have activities that cover all aspects of science, mathematics, and technology





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