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official calendar of activities | school year 2002-2003

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·         SciMath Official Logo Contest

o        Rationale: To let the scholars design the official SMC Logo

o        Participants: All scholars, except SMC officers

·         Local Physics Olympiad

o        Rationale: To heighten interest in physics

o        Participants: All qualified scholars

·         Bi-Weekly Paper Collection Drive

o        Rationale: To increase awareness in simple environmental concerns; to encourage scholars to recycle/reuse the paper

o        Participants: All dormers


·         Selection of First Year Representatives

o        Rationale: This is to have the freshmen a chance to select their SMC representatives, and that they have a longer time to select the best reps

o        Participants: Freshmen scholars

·         Nutrition Day Celebration (in cooperation with the ACAS)

o        Rationale: To instill awareness about nutrition and health

o        Participants: All scholars

·         Math Day Celebrations

o        Rationale: To encourage scholars’ more active participation and interest in mathematics and all its fields

o        Participants: All students

·         Local Math Olympiad

o        Rationale: To encourage mathematically-inclined scholars to participate in friendly competitions involving numbers

o        Participants: All qualified students


·         Science Quiz Bee

o        Rationale: To let students show their science knowledge thru a contest

o        Participants: All qualified students

·         Local Eagle Quiz

o        Rationale: To gauge students’ interest and knowledge in environmental issues thru a quiz

o        Participants: All qualified scholars

·         Science, Technology, and Environment Camp/Day/Weekend

o        Rationale: To increase scholars’ awareness in issues concerning science, technology, and environment thru a community youth camp

o        Participants: All scholars


·         S & T Week Celebrations

o        Rationale: To celebrate with the Filipino nation in honoring and recognizing our countrymen’s ingenuity, talent, skill, and expertise in science and technology

o        Participants: All scholars

·         SciArt Competitions and Exhibit

o        Rationale: To incorporate science and art into one activity so that scholars can express scientific ideas and themes as works of art

o        Participants:

·         “Science Fanatics: Who Knows Best?” Quiz

o        Rationale: To let students enjoy learning through a general knowledge quiz show

o        Participants: All qualified scholars

·         Local Astronomy Olympiad

o        Rationale: To make learning in astronomy enjoyable through a contest, and to increase their interest in the heavens, especially in freshmen

o        Participants: All interested scholars, primarily first and second years


·         Science History day

o        Rationale: To heighten students’ interest and knowledge in science pioneers, and to show appreciation to these people

o        Participants: all scholars

·         Chemistry Olympiad

o        Rationale: To encourage scholars to enjoy chemistry through a game show

o        Participants: all interested scholars


·         Science Reading Week

o        Rationale: To stimulate interest in reading scientific books

o        Participants: All scholars

·         BioQuiz – Biology Quiz

o        Rationale: To heighten student interest in biology, and to show scholars’ knowledge in basic and advanced biology topics

o        Participants: All interested scholars


·         Tree-Planting at __________

o        Rationale: To be able to help in the reforestation/tree-planting campaign of the DENR; to instill love for nature in scholars

o        Participants: Interested scholars/all scholars


·         Geologic/Environmental Trip

o        Rationale: To apply knowledge in earth science to real-life situations

o        Participants: All scholars/Freshmen scholars only

·         Earth Sci Olympiad

o        Rationale: To let scholars compete friendly with other scholars through a quiz show in earth science and related topics

o        Participants: Freshmen/All scholars


·         Science Fair

o        Rationale: To show the fruits of one year’s work of the scholars through exhibits, demonstrations, and other activities

o        Participants: All scholars

·         InnoVice – Search For Most Innovative Device

o        Rationale: To expose the scientific and innovative personality of the scholars through inventing gadgets

o        Participants: All scholars

·         2nd Web Spinners Awards

o        Rationale: To let scholars’ creativity and programming know-how in the HTML language come out through website design; also, to encourage teamwork and cooperation

o        Participants: All sections


·         Research Forum

o        Rationale: To let scholars present their researches and investigatory projects to their peers, and to encourage friendly and scientific discussions between them

o        Participants: All scholars, especially juniors and seniors



·         Monthly Science Updates

o        Rationale: To keep the student body abreast with the latest developments in different scientific endeavors

·         Website Updates

o        Rationale: To regularly update the school website so that people outside the school can also have a glimpse of what’s happening inside; also, to help the school administration in faster dissemination of enrolment, application, and other updates through the internet

·         Featured Scientist/Science Invention of the Week

o        Rationale: To make scholars aware of many science-related topics every week

·         Paper Recycling Innovations

o        Rationale: To encourage recycling among the studentry and to show that we could still make use of “wastes”

·         Seminars, Workshops, Lectures, and Symposia

o        Rationale: To let experts in different fields of science and technology share their expertise to the scholars, and to let the scholars have a chance to interact and to increase knowledge in certain issues/topics

·         Out-of-town Field Trips

o        Rationale: To expose scholars to real-life applications of science and technology

·         Earth day Celebrations/Observation

o        Rationale: To encourage scholars to ponder on the state of the earth, and to participate in the global observation of this activity



§         All quizzes/contests will be given names/titles, and the official rules and formats will be formulated. These will be done after approval of the activities and upon inclusion in the official calendar of activities of the school.

§         Some activities may be rescheduled, restructured, or revised as circumstances arise.






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